Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Linux Commands For Beginners

The Linux Commands For Beginners are listed few below here
  • LS : For listing the files as well as directories those are kept in the particular working directory.
  • LA : same as 'ls -l'but by this command we can also see the hidden  files.
  • LI : same as 'ls -la' but it will also shows us the inode number of  each and every file. 
  • Clear: It will clear the screen(short cut ctl+l).
  • Exit: To end a current session as well current terminal logging,
  • Touch : To create a new empty file.
  • Cd : To change the working/present directory.
  • Cat: To view the contents of a file and it is also used for creating a new file with some contents.
  • Mkdir :To make a new directory.

Basic Linux Commands

Linux Commands For Beginners

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