Friday, March 29, 2013

Other Utilities Linux Command

Other Utilities Linux Command

  • clear Clear the screen

  • echo Display text on the screen. Mostly useful when writing shell scripts. For
example: echo “Hello World”

  • more Display a file, or program output one page at a time.
Examples: more mp3files.txt
ls -la | more

Other Utilities Linux Command

  • less An improved replacement for the “more” command. Allows you to scroll backwards as well as forwards.

  • grep Search for a pattern in a file or program output. For example, to find out
which TCP network port is used by the “nfs” service, you can do this:
grep .nfs. /etc/services
This looks for any line that contains the string “nfs” in the file “/etc/services” and displays only those lines.

  • lpr Print a file or program output.
 Examples: lpr mp3files.txt - Print the mp3files.txt file
ls -la | lpr - Print the output of the “ls -la” command.

  • sort Sort a file or program output. Example: sort mp3files.txt

  • su “Switch User”. Allows you to switch to another user's account temporarily.
The default account to switch to is the root/superuser account. Examples:
su - Switch the root account
su - - Switch to root, and log in with root's environment
su AMDI - Switch to AMDI  account

Other Utilities Linux Command

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