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How to Manually Update Linux Packages

How to Manually Update Linux Packages

Manually update packages in Linux

You are not able to keep your system up to speed only with the help of the auto-updater. A package manager may require little effort in configuring, installing and downloading new programs.
Go to menu and select the terminal window, after that enter sudo apt-get update to make sure that Ubuntu’s information of packages is updated.

How to Manually Update Linux Packages

Run package upgrades
In next step, you should change the installed packages into the latest versions. You can do this utilizing a little different command in a terminal window: type apt-get up-grade.
Then, insert the command (keeping in mind to prefix the command with sudo, which indicates Ubuntu to run the process as the great user) and apt-get will select through a list, installing and marking any of the packages that have collapsed behind the times.

The command update.packages() is the simplest way to ensure that all the packages on your system are up to date. It downloads the list of available packages and their current versions, compares it with those installed and offers to fetch and install any that have later versions on the repositories.

An alternative interface to keeping packages up-to-date is provided by the command packageStatus(), which returns an object with information on all installed packages and packages available at multiple repositories. The print and summary methods give an overview of installed and available packages, the upgrade method offers to fetch and install the latest versions of outdated packages.

One sometimes-useful additional piece of information that packageStatus() returns is the status of a package, as "ok", "upgrade" or "unavailable" (in the currently selected repositories). For example

     > inst <- packageStatus()$inst
     > inst[inst$Status != "ok", c("Package", "Version", "Status")]
                       Package Version      Status
     Biobase           Biobase   2.8.0 unavailable
     RCurl               RCurl   1.4-2     upgrade
     Rgraphviz       Rgraphviz  1.26.0 unavailable
     rgdal               rgdal  0.6-27     upgrade

To Display list of updated software

Type the following command at shell prompt:
# yum list updates

To Patch up system by applying all updates

To download and install all updates type the following command:
# yum update

To  List all installed packages

List all installed packages, enter:
# rpm -qa
# yum list installed

How to Manually Update Linux Packages

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