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Best Free OS Download

Best Free OS Download

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is one of the world’s largest Free and Open Source Software  avilable free to use without any cost .

Best Free OS Download

All FOSS licenses require that the software remain available to use, modify, and distribute at no cost.

Free Open Source Software (FOSS), sometimes also called Open Source Software, Free Software, or just Open Source.

FOSS is increasingly the go-to standard for operating systems to user applications, for individuals to large enterprises. It helps reduce costs, avoid lock-in, increase productivity, enhance security, and improve standards compliance. With the best long-term investment protection, FOSS is the lowest risk choice for software systems today.

Best Free Linux OS Download

FOSS develops and produces analytical instruments that improve our customer’s production efficiency, product quality and profitability

FOSS stands for 'Free and Open Source Software.FOSS allows an individual the freedom and right to use software licensed under an open source agreement.The individual may use the software as it is or may make changes as needed.
Best Free OS Download

Why use to FOSS ?
  • The availability of the source code.
  • The right of code modification,improvement and redistribution.
  • Large base of developers and users.
  • Low cost software (TCO).
  • Have an alternative.
  • Free marketing and support for your project.
Hundreds of licenses are available for FOSS.
  • FSF-approved licenses:
  • OSI-approved licenses:.
  • Some Popular licenses of FOSS are listed below : 
a) GPL – GNU General Public License 
b) GLPL - GNU Lesser General Public License 
c) MPL – Mozilla Public license

List Of Free OS Below:

Best Free OS Download

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