Monday, August 19, 2013

Mozilla Firefox in Tamil

Soon Mozilla Firefox in Tamil

Mozilla firefox has announced soon they will release the Tamil Version in Web browser . Happy news to Tamil peoples
In a development that brings out the online convergence of love for Tamil and passion for free software, Mozilla Firefox – a free, open-source web browser, considered one of the most secure – will soon be available in Tamil.

A group of over 10 volunteers who have been translating the browser menu and other settings into Tamil, for over a year now, have confirmed the browser can be downloaded from the Mozilla website after Tuesday.

Mozilla Firefox in Tamil

In the Tamil Mozilla, the options are kopu for ‘file’, viruppangal for ‘preferences’, and nagal yedu for ‘copy’, among others. 

The Firefox browser has been translated into around 120 other languages, including some Indian ones. But the Tamil browser boasts of a near-complete translation of all the terms.

“There is no need for a Tamil keyboard, as the keyboard shortcuts will be the same. Settings, history, tools or download instructions will be in Tamil, and the browser will lead you to the Tamil version of the website you are looking for, if one exists," Arun said.

The Tamil Mozilla project is just a starter, and the efforts of the translation committee can be put to bigger projects such as in video/audio playing applications and projects websites, Arun said.

Mozilla Firefox in Tamil

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