Friday, August 9, 2013

Top Linux Text Editors Software

Top Linux Text Editors Software

A text editor is software used for editing plain text files. It has many different uses such as modifying system configuration files, writing programming language source code, jotting down thoughts, or even making a grocery list.

Top Linux Text Editors Software

  1. Vim (or) Vi Text Editor This console based plain text editor supports syntax highlighting and numerous plug-ins for specialized configurations and features. This editor is ubiquitous and available on all Linux systems and is the "standard" Linux editor.

  2. Eclipse Text Editor

  3. EMacs Text Editor 

  4. GEdit Text Editor

  5. Nano Text Editor

  6. jED Text Editor

  7. Gvim Text Editor

  8. NEdit Text Editor

  9. Kompozer Text Editor

  10. Kate Text Editor

Top Linux Text Editors Software

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