Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Trace Route Command In Linux

Linux Command Trace Route

Command: traceroute

Command Usage: print the route packets trace to network host

1. To find the network path from your localhost to

    $ traceroute

2. To disable hostname mapping in traceroute

    $ traceroute -n

3. To set the number of seconds to 0.2 seconds wait for
    response to a probe (default is 5.0). non-integer (float point)
    values allowed too

    $ traceroute -w 0.2

4. To print help info of this command

    $ traceroute --help

5. To set the number of probes per each hop to 5. default is 3

    $ traceroute -q 5

6. To start from the first_ttl hop (instead from 1)

    $ traceroute -f 5

Trace Route Command In Linux

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