Sunday, January 19, 2014

rar Command in Linux

rar Command Examples in Linux

Command: rar

Command Usage: archive files with compression

syntax: $ rar <command> [-<switch 1> -<switch N>] archive [files...]


1. To print help and options of this command

    $ rar --help

2. To rar a single file

    $ rar a dmesg.rar /var/log/dmesg

3. To rar multiple files

    $ rar a var-log-account.rar /var/log/account/*

4. To delete a file from a archive file

    $ rar d sample.rar

5. To recover or fix a archive file

    $ rar r sample.rar

6. To update or add files to existing archive file

    $ rar u sample.rar more.pdf

7.  To password protect archive file

    $ rar a -p sample.rar

8. To extract files with full path

    $ rar x sample.rar

9. To lock a particular archive file from extracting it

    $ rar k sample.rar

rar Command in Linux

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