Monday, November 4, 2013

Who Linux Command Options

Who Linux Command Options

Command: who

Command Usage: show who is logged on

Command Options: who [option]... [ file | arg1 arg2 ]

Examples of Who Command:

1. To print all information regarding who is logged in

    $ who -a

2. To print time of last system reboot

    $ who -b

3. To print finish processes

    $ who -d

4. To print only hostname and user associated with stdin

    $ who -m

5. To print active processes spawned by init

    $ who -p

6. To print all login names and number of users logged on

    $ who -q

7. To print current runlevel

    $ who -r

8. To print only name, line, and time

    $ who -s

9. To print last system clock change

    $ who -t

10. To add user's message status as +, - or ?

    $ who -T

11. To list users logged in

    $ who -u

12. To print help info of this command

    $ who --help

Who Linux Command Options

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